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Parsian Azadi Hotel in Tehran

Yadegare-Imam Cross Road, Chamran Highway, Tehran 199763764, Iran, -Tehran-, TE Iran (Islamic Republic of) Show map Phone: +98-921-248-0164 Fax: +98 (21) 89314308
Parsian Azadi hotel is one of the Best 5star hotels in Tehran . Also it is one of the most luxurious hotels in Tehran .It is situated at the foot of Alborz Mountains with best location for travel to Tehran.
Parsian Azadi Hotel, Chamran Highway, Yadegar Imam Intersection construct before the revolution, this hotel is a popular hotel. This Tehran's hotel is one of the best choices for Iran travels.
The hotel is located close to Evin and Tochal social Mountains, where you can enjoy a nice weather. Parsian Azadi hotel was owned by the Hyatt Hotels in Tehran before the Revolution. All of your needs will fulfill in this Tehran hotel.
Even with the name change, the hotel is still one of the Top Iran Hotels. With its great architecture, Parsian azadi Hotel has it all. PersiaBooking recommend you to reserve this hotel for memorable travel to Iran
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1 Single Room

Network video players , Refrigerator , Furniture , drawer , Lampshade , Tea Maker , clothes hanger , closet , Phone in room , Bathroom ,Cosmetics , Slippers , Charging electronics , Fire Alarm System , TV in the room , Internet in room

2 Double Room

Network video players , Refrigerator , Furniture , drawer , Lampshade , Tea Maker , clothes hanger , closet , Phone in room , Bathroom ,Cosmetics , Slippers , Charging electronics , Fire Alarm System , TV in the room , Internet in room

2 Twin Room

Network video players , Refrigerator , Furniture , drawer , Lampshade , Tea Maker , clothes hanger , closet , Phone in room , Bathroom ,Cosmetics , Slippers , Charging electronics , Fire Alarm System , TV in the room , Internet in room

3 Junior Suite

It is small and relaxing suite, including a living room, sofa and LCD. Also the said room has king size bed and in addition to internet connection, it has all the facilities of single rooms such as fire alarm and firefighting system and has double-laminated windows, fridge containing various mini-bar items, tea maker, safe box, etc. This 45 sqm suite’s bathroom has tub and shower as well as BMS, ergonomic furniture to host the guest.

4 Royal Suite

It is 11 sqm bigger than junior suite, which is mainly dedicated to a small kitchen, additional lavatory and big bookshelf in the bedroom. This 56 sqm suite, of which 3 are available in the hotel are placed on the 22nd and 23rd floors and mainly host the middle-level diplomatic guests.

4 Duplex Suite

This suite includes a big room at the downstairs with small conference table, and a smaller kitchen beside the same and bedding service, bathroom and sofas are placed on the second floor. We have 6 of these 70 sqm suites which have certain glory due to their tall windows and ceilings and have also changed the hotel’s façade.

4 Presidential Suite

Parsian Azadi Hotel Presidential Suites measuring 215 sqm in area are considered as unique suites chosen by VIP guests. These suites have tall ceilings and windows besides which the entire city and foothills are under your feet and make a feeling of glory together with their vast living area. All these shall be added to different bathrooms with unique facilities such as Jacuzzi, makeup service, separate ladies and gents services, and extraordinary room works. There are two complete bedding services in presidential suite, as it has been designed as a duplex suite and an equipped kitchen makes is even more complete. Also the exclusive dining room area with the chandelier at the top enhances the beauty of this suite.

0 Parseh Iranian Restaurant

Parseh Iranian Restaurant has a family and private area, separates you from other guests when you are watching Tehran, to be alone above the city and enjoy 5-star tastes. The menu of this restaurant is a variable combination of different types of Kebabs, Stews, salads, hot and cold starters and desserts to meet a variety of needs and tastes. This restaurant offers a huge buffet on Friday noon to host those who wish to experience a memorable lunch.

0 Sarv Restaurant

Sarv Summer Restaurant hosts the guests in outdoor area in front of the lobby and besides water fountains with a cool breeze and a variety of Persian cuisine. This popular restaurant, when the summer comes simultaneously with Ramadan, welcomes guests with Iftar Buffet in the refreshing area besides water fountain and may admit 100 people.

0 Zomorrod Hall

This is a hall which is simultaneously conference room measuring 142 sqm in area which may be converted into two small and big halls using partitions and both special hall to hold wedding formula pronunciation ceremony. Maximum hall capacity is 50 people (movie type) and 80 (round table) and around U table 25 guests may be admitted. In wedding ceremony, a certain part of the hall is dedicated to wedding sheet and in front of the same, chairs of guests are arranged. In case of separation, this hall is converted into halls with 12 and 18 people around the U table and may simultaneously host two meetings.

0 Zarrin Hall

Zarrin Hall is a multipurpose hall where several international conferences, congresses and seminars have been held. This 635 sqm symmetric hall which has no columns has experienced glorious wedding ceremonies. This hall, which has hosted several big figures and celebrities, has a tall ceiling and extraordinary glory decorated with a special and polygonal chandelier to admit up to 600 guests with movie-type arrangement which is decreased to 350 for round table arrangements and also to 250 for wedding ceremonies with scene and food tables. This hall has experienced several types of arrangements from international to major conferences or cocktail parties on national days. The hall has changing room and two separate entrance/ exit gates and equipped with exclusive lavatories.

0 Parseh Hall

This hall invites the guests to scenes party and has experienced several diplomatic ceremonies. In this hall, both the city is under your feet and also certain windows are opened to the northern side and the mountains. This hall enjoys a special arrangement with square and rectangular tables and may host 100 guests. However, several VIP tables have been arranged around its small water fountain with up to 20 people capacity. Usually during wedding ceremonies it is dedicated to gents covering 200-guest ceremonies together with Paniz Hall.

0 Orchideh International Restaurant

Orkideh International Restaurant offers well-known international tastes to the guests. It is situated on the lobby floor and hosts 70 guests, and has a VIP sector besides the main restaurant area. In this restaurant which offers a big menu, including various types of international salads, foods, hot and cold appetizers and desserts . Sometimes a mix palate is arranged for welcoming tours to enable foreign tourists choosing meals of their choice.

0 Nilou Lobby Launch

Lobby lounge is the coziest areas of the hotel back area where the guests may feel relax. Various types of hot and cold beverages and herbal tea and various types of cakes and sweets are offered by this section of the hotel for the guests. A chandelier twists on its ceiling like a river and makes it spectacular. This lounge may host 50 guests simultaneously with the smile of staff and hot coffees.

0 Bice Italian Restaurant

It is situated in Parsian Azadi Hotel, and has come to Tehran with the purpose of introducing Iranians with the Italian cuisine with a certain manner unique in Iran. Not only through the cuisine, but also using its area, decoration, service and any other relevant issue; experience a night of fine dining in this restaurant, to become of those people across the Globe who experience special area, assured by Bice across the Globe. High food products and imported items quality of Bice Tehran from Italy enable offering original Bice cooking recipe. It has two halls with total capacity to host 140 guests and a unique dining room. The restaurant has a modern and stylish decoration with a view of Tehran at night. All the personnel speak English and trained by Bice Group.

0 Paniz VIP Hall

This is one of the most luxurious halls of the hotel which hosted a variety of events from ministers’ parties to national teams and extraordinary feasts and enjoys extraordinary view with special decoration. This rectangular hall, seemingly round, has wings at the two endings linked to the rotating central area. This 267 sqm hall, may admit up to 100 guests and is mainly used by ladies during wedding ceremonies. This hall with its special and unique architecture expects the valued guests at the roof of Tehran.

0 Negin Hall

It is situated besides the lobby with external hotel façade and is suitable to hold events up to 130 people and has exclusive entrance. This hall has quite easy access and is used for gents’ hall during wedding ceremonies. It has buffet table and from among the indicative ceremonies held there includes FIFA Head news conference. This hall has 180 admitting capacity in movie hall arrangement type and 50 in round table manner.

0 Brilliant Hall

Of rectangular shape which may host 40 participants, and 100 movie-hall-type chairs. These halls are equipped with video projectors and with ceremony arrangement with round tables, may admit 80 guests.

0 Aseman Coffee House

There is a rectangular area in front of Diamond Hall with 40 people capacity and provides the guests with the sky view due to its glass ceiling. Beautiful decorative flora surrounds it and certain seats of wood with violet furniture coating decorate the coffee house which may be a suitable place to have beverages and talking.

0 Almas Hall

of rectangular shape which may host 40 participants , and 100 movie-hall-type-chairs.These Halls are equipped with video projector and with ceremony arrangement with round tables , may admit 80 guests.The small corners of this hall enable holding stands with different programs subjects up to a height of 3 meters and it manifest with a combination of brown and beige color , measuring 145 sqm in area.


special disabled room
international restaurant on 26th floor
Italian Restaurant
a very popular sports center with a swimming pool
and traditional bath
even an art gallery
Taxi Service
various cafes


from 14:00
until 14:00
Pets are not allowed
Accepted credit cards
Credit cards are not accepted in Iran


No 2, 12 Farvardin Street , Pastor Square , Tehran-Iran


Iran Office:+98 (922) 2091101
CIS Office:+38 (095) 5310723


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