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Best Hotel in Tehran

Espinas palace Hotel is Best Hotel in Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel is a grand family residence situated in the northwest of Tehran. This Hotel located in one of the best climatic areas in Tehran.
The Palace is a fanciful alternative to conventional hotel accommodation both for the corporate guest and discerning city visitor. Five stars Espinas Palace Hotel is one of the most luxury hotels in Iran.
The boutique-style rooms and suites are superbly equipped and friendly staff will assist for your travelling to Iran, giving you complete privacy, when you need it and the comforts to which you are accustomed.
Espinas Palace Hotel café offers an extensive selection of drinks, light refreshments and dining options for up to 70 diners. It is providing pleasant and comfortable accommodation in your holidays in Iran.
You can absorb beauty, learn about peace and tranquility, indulge in music and discover melodies in the sleek and stylish lobby and take your choice from a superb à la carte menu or tempting daily specials.

Best Hotel in Isfahan

Hotel Abbasi is Best Hotel in Isfahan-Iran The Abbasi Hotel (formerly known as the Shah Abbas Hotel) is a hotel located in Isfahan, Iran. This hotel is a great hotels in Isfahan.
This complex was built at the time of king Sultan Husain of Safavid about 300 years ago. It was built as a caravansary to provide lodging for passengers. The structure has been renovated since the 1950s to fight and prevent degradation.
Abbasi hotel in Isfahan has a unique decoration that makes enjoyable senses for you in travel to Iran.The hotel has around 225 rooms, including 23 suites, and is divided between the hotel's old wing and new wing. Abbasi hotel situated in one of the best climatic areas in Isfahan. PersiaBooking hope good lodging for you in abbasi hotel.
Among what has remained from the age of the Safavids, there still exists a complex of a bazaar, school and caravansary complex which sparkles like a piece of Jewelry at the side of Chahar Bagh Street.

Best Hotel in Kish Island

dariush hotel-best hotel in kish island iran Dariush hotel in Kish Island truly is a symbol of culture and ancient history of great Iran.
Dariush Grand Hotel was put into operation in the area of 126.000 square meters and with the cooperation of Iranian engineers in 2003. The hotel has been constructed under the supervision of professional specialist.
Persiabooking would like to cheerfully welcome you to the Dariush hotel. Pleased to welcome you in 190 rooms and suites of one and two bedrooms facing the sea and pleasing garden in the Museum Hotel.
This 5 star hotel in Kish is beautiful and modern as a historical symbol of Iran with its unique architect has manifested the magnificence of Iranian culture and civilization for Iran tourism.
The construction capital of Kish Dariush Hotel has foreign origin and it has worldwide quality and experience with its 30 years of foreign hotel experience in Canary Islands. This hotel inspired by Persepolis symbolically manifests pride and honor of ancient Iran in Achaemenid period.
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